You Belong Here

My goal is to support you, whoever you are, wherever you have been, regardless of diagnosis, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability status, marital status, or racial and ethnic identity.

Talking about these things openly matters–love matters when talking about these things. To work with me a person must commit to equity, inclusion, and belonging. If you’re just starting this journey, I’m happy to come alongside you. As a writer supporting other writers, I support the spreading of love, not the propagation of hate or fear of the other and reserve the right to discern which writers I support and engage with.

I stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ population, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof, and am intentionally a member of a United Church of Christ Church even though I am Wesleyan because, regardless of theology, the most important thing to me is the inclusion of every single person, including married gay people, in the body of Christ.