What if things were different? On Self-Care.

I’m reading a really, really good book right now: Who is Wellness For? by Fariha Roisin. She writes with a decolonial mindset, but was raised in Australia, lived in Canada for a while, lived in NYC and now lives in LA. This means that she has an international decoloniality to her. She is Muslim, South…

A Sadness about Education

I am feeling a sadness about public education right now. And about education in the US in general. I am wondering whether we have lost what education means and what it is to have been effectively educated. When I was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I was definitely caught up in the humanities education in…

Writing Practice

One of the most important and crucial aspects of building the discipline of being a writer is to actually write, and for those of us who don’t like handwriting, to type, and for those of us who can’t/don’t type, to dictate. Dictation apps are available on iPhones and I’m sure on other devices as well.…

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