Wesley and a Theology of Access

What does justice look like today? I think it would be best termed as access. That we should skirt the idea of social justice altogether and just worry about access, which is related to but not as triggering to conservatives as the current word that is all the rage: equity. The most access-oriented theologian was […]

I’m Terrified to Go to the Career Counselor!

This is a post about emotional and affective accessibility on college campuses and their career centers. My growing concern is that students are going to college and taking all of these general education classes, switching majors all the time, and then dropping out before they get their degree. Then they have debt and are lacking […]

Flipped vs. Teacher-Centered Classrooms

Community is essential to the learning process, although I am concerned about how people with paranoid disorders would be included or would include themselves in any community at all. The teacher-focused approach of “objectivist” teaching is as flawed as the “subjectivist,” “flipped classroom” where the students become the conduits for what is acceptable knowledge in […]

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