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  • “Erin’s profound knowledge of education and effective writing, her rich vocabulary and elegant style allowed her to meet our needs at SPU in the organizing of the first North American international conference on Janusz Korczak’s pedagogy in August 2018. Her assistance in preparing conference presentations for publication subsequent to the conference was invaluable and her ease with working with the written word made our contributors shine all the more brightly. Erin is dedicated and will work hard to meet your needs; she is also a very bright, well-educated, giving and trustworthy person.” – Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, PhD, Adjunct Professor, School of Education, Seattle Pacific University
  • “Erin has been instrumental in helping me to organize, design and implement key program services. Erin is a dream to work with: responsive, creative, thoughtful. Erin brought a diverse array of facilitation, resources, and critical thinking skills to every task, and really helped me build a comprehensive vision. Hire her and don’t look back!” – Neena Viel, Community Engagement Director, Northwest Education Access
  • “When Erin enters your world, your senses are heightened and enlivened. Her genuine enthusiasm for your progress is a magnificent and propulsive force! Erin has a joyful, effervescent style of encouragement and she is incredibly intuitive, insightful, and inventive. She pushes you to explore avenues as yet unseen; she always brings new ideas to the table and each work-shopping session ends leaving you inspired and excited to expand and dig deeper into whatever your endeavor may be. Working with Erin during the hatching and nearly fledgling stages of my apothecary business, FIREFLY,  has been instrumental in helping me, a solo creator/founder/CEO, maintain my momentum, focus, and, most importantly, faith in myself and my ability to create and share an offering which will make the world better, healthier and brighter…just as Erin does everywhere she goes! I highly recommend this magnanimous woman as a coach, mentor, advisor, and collaborator in any business/branding enterprise.” – Rachael Williams, Firefly
  • Erin’s pedagogical skills are remarkable. She knows just what to do to keep students engaged but not overwhelmed.” – Dr. Carlee Arnett, Professor, University of California, Davis
  • Erin was an amazing instructor for my lower division Russian language courses. I gained a very ingrained foundation of the Russian language while under her instruction for two years. With her instruction and teaching I was able to succeed in advanced Russian courses as well as courses in a study abroad program taught through Saint Petersburg University. She was truly and deeply invested in the well-being and learning of all her students. Erin was always available outside of class time to provide help with assignments. I was able to meet with her during office hours to practice speaking in Russian more, as well as review information gone over in class. She also went out of her way to provide supplemental materials online and worksheets that helped me better understand and remember vocabulary and rules of the language. However, she was also there for me when I needed support and guidance regarding graduate school programs. She is an amazing person overall who never hesitates to give her students the best help she possibly can in any way it is needed. Erin is dedicated to helping her students succeed and is a true inspiration! – Lizabeth Thompson, MSW
  • “Erin understands how to create mastery of a subject. She was able to get my son to wherever he wanted to go. She is welcoming, kind and patient. I highly trust and recommend her services.” – Gwen Benedict, Life Coach, Sound Life Coach, LLC
  • “It would be difficult for me to overstate the positive impact Erin has had on our son. His academic skills and aptitude have definitely improved, but the most significant change we have seen is in his confidence and self-concept. Erin saw our son’s true potential and gave him tools to help him see it for himself. Once he gained this perspective on his own brilliance and capacity, the transformation was astonishing. In the years prior to working with Erin, we had switched him from public to private school, and finally pulled him out altogether to home school, due to his struggles. Within a few months of beginning to work regularly with Erin, our son was back in public school and performing at the top of his class academically. What is even more important to me as his parent is the way he feels about himself as a student, a learner, and a member of an educational community. We are forever grateful to Erin for the gift she has been to our whole family!” – Haley Ballast, Elder and Activist, Seattle Presbytery (PCUSA)