Our focus is on inclusive education that responds to the overly structured and siloed nature of spiritual, educational, and health/wellness experiences in the US. Inclusive by definition means that cost cannot be a hindrance to my care and attention, love and nurturance.

As soon as process improvements can be routinized and standardized, they become obsolete. In our fast-paced world, if we are working toward self-improvement in predictable ways then we are already falling short of the demands of our students and our communities. Consultants excel above departments in improving systems – but think about how much more a passionate volunteer can do?

I was a marketing intern for two years. Plus, I have over 10 years of experience working in universities, charter and public schools, and private schools in myriad roles, and additionally present on topics of public health, civil rights, and equity in education. I consult upon request on aspects related to my current work according to the unique needs of the institutions with which I resonate.

I am known for ruthless honesty, fierce confidentiality-keeping, and unwavering compassion and love. I am an ideas person, a motivational speaker, a careful, attentive and thorough critic. And I will improve your company/school/brand so that it is most in line with your mission and your deepest values, which will in turn attract the clients you will best be able to serve. I am a meaning-maker, and I find the symbolism and emotional resonance of even the most seemingly mundane of things. I call for the re-enchantment of the routine, a movement from routine to ritual. Life is sacred – and I will teach you how to pay attention.

The cost: as much as you are able to pay; whatever my feedback has been worth to you; however much you desire to support African American ministers of the Gospel (see the Give tab above). (Sometimes this is just given for free).

Rates and method of payment: Pay whatever you can by making a donation of whatever you feel is appropriate and doable for you at this time (click on the Give tab above) – once you’re earning more, you can always make a donation then! 🙂