These are the lenses that guide my individually-tailored programs. They are listed separately to maximize your ability to discern how I might best integrate my talents in the service of your student’s flourishing.

Cost starts at $120/hour on my sliding scale, all the way up to $150 – and scholarships are available. For more about what the money goes to see the Give tab.

1: self and other and world

Coaching for students, parents and other elders/stakeholders who desire the flourishing of their student in their school, work, religious or family environment; for students, lessons are paired with reading and writing activities designed to build empathy and self-compassion and to improve executive function.

[For parents, I will prepare a report for you upon request and with written agreement about the terms – I write them quickly but they are the result of years of painstaking study and classroom and counseling experience.]

2: justice, mercy, and understanding

Non-judgmental and 100% CONFIDENTIAL processing/listening of issues related to education, diversity, and racism – and I will share my unique vision of relational/structural equity practice held outside of the dictates of political correctness.

3: tutoring

I tutor as a supplement to classroom instruction. I am a certificated teacher in the states of Washington and California and prioritize working myself out of a job as I teach students how to learn and teach themselves.