Experience matters. I am a talented professional consultant and educational/wellness adviser with a wide range of skills and experience. I love what I do, and I do it with passion. I look forward to working with you.

1. Self and Other and World

Coaching for students, parents and other elders/stakeholders who desire the flourishing of their student in their school, work, religious or family environment; for students, lessons are paired with reading and writing activities designed to build empathy and self-compassion and to improve executive function.

My Approach

I love helping students who do not traditionally fit in in their educational environments. Why? You guessed it! Because I don’t fit in as a student and I believe that that makes me uniquely qualified to help people like me survive school in a way that keeps their callings and self-esteem intact. So that their early years post-high school or post-college aren’t merely built around trying to undo what industrial educational experiences did to them.

Have you ever considered that some of the things we most struggle with in school are those same things we are also the most gifted in once we’re mature adults? There is an incredibly long list of people who were told they were failures by the teachers of the very subjects that they later transformed.

The industrial model of education and the classroom is no longer my passion – I transform lives on a one-by-one basis through individual and intuitive instruction.

Public education is about access and I support it. Both in theory, and as an educational support specialist through my work with Seahurst Wellness and Education Center, LLC, I support industrial education and nurture its students. If your student is being labeled a problem student, or is falling behind, or is otherwise struggling, I am here for them, their teachers and your family and build up educators and their relationships to the families they serve.

2. Justice, Mercy and Growth

Non-judgmental and 100% CONFIDENTIAL processing/listening of issues related to education, diversity, and racism – and I will share my unique vision (see “My Approach” below) of relational/structural equity practice held outside of the dictates of political correctness.

My Approach

More and more I am finding work, home, faith and school environments lacking a shared understanding and the common language and intentions around health and wellness and race and equity. As a growth mindset practitioner who pairs realism with hope, I am called to help you leverage your influence to create restorative supports that enable human flourishing. But first we must become educated and learn about where power differentials stem from.

My approach is not for everyone. I do not tiptoe around controversial topics and am steeped in anti-racist literature and practice. The difference: I care about the feelings of white people who often fear learning about their privilege and regard defensive white people with unconditional positive regard rather than the typical smirk or smugness many anti-racist practitioners are known for. I also try to avoid maudlin sentimentality and paternalism in my unwavering advocacy for the people at the receiving end of unfair judgment and prejudice.

In my work, I like to meet with people and their institutions after they have discovered that are struggling and that they are ready for change. A lot of traditional organizations are falling into irrelevance right now due to outdated modes of shaping language and economies of knowledge paired with a failure to implicate themselves in their own struggles through analysis of how they gatekeep and maintain control.

Operating from a lens of cultural responsiveness and unwavering compassion and love, I center human vulnerability and mutuality as I help people become culturally proficient enough to vigilantly – and yet gently – unpack and dismantle historic hindrances to organizational success.

The objective: a culture, nay – a country, where every member can thrive.

3. Reports and Consulting

I will take one hour to prepare a report for you regarding a consultation. I will also include a list of recommended reading.

My Approach

Our focus is on inclusive education that responds to the overly structured and siloed nature of spiritual, educational, and health/wellness experiences in the US. Inclusive by definition means that cost cannot be a hindrance to my care and attention, love and nurturance. Disounts available.

As soon as process improvements can be routinized and standardized, they become obsolete. In our fast-paced world, if we are working toward self-improvement in predictable ways then we are already falling short of the demands of our students and our communities. Consultants excel above departments in improving systems – but think about how much more a passionate continuing classroom practitioner can do?

I was a marketing intern for two years. Plus, I have over 10 years of experience working in universities, charter and public schools, and private schools in myriad roles, and additionally present on topics of public health, civil rights, and equity in education. I consult upon request on aspects related to my current work according to the unique needs of the institutions with which I resonate.

I am known for ruthless honesty, fierce confidentiality-keeping, and unwavering compassion and love. I am an ideas person, a motivational speaker, a careful, attentive and thorough critic. And I will improve your company/school/brand so that it is most in line with your mission and your deepest values, which will in turn attract the clients you will best be able to serve. I am a meaning-maker, and I find the symbolism and emotional resonance of even the most seemingly mundane of things. I call for the re-enchantment of the routine, a movement from routine to ritual. Life is sacred – and I will teach you how to pay attention from a variety of perspectives, the result of my graduate work as a comparatist.

If I am giving you a discount: To make optional tax deductible donations to the scholarship in honor of my amazing mentor and dear friend, Richard B. Steele, for African American ministers of the gospel, visit the Give page by clicking the menu above.

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