Donation-Based Virtual Services

Donation Based Virtual Services with Erin
How it works: Donate $10 to any amount of $ per lesson/report 

My focus is on inclusive education that responds to the overly structured and siloed nature of spiritual, educational, and health/wellness experiences in the US. Inclusive by definition means that cost cannot be a hindrance to my care and attention, love and nurturance.

If I’m working with you it’s because I believe in you and you’re worth it!

Comprehensive Services:

1. Self and Other and World

Coaching for students, parents and other elders/stakeholders who desire the flourishing of their student in their school, work, religious or family environment; for students, lessons are paired with reading and writing activities designed to build empathy and self-compassion and to improve executive function.

2. Justice, Mercy and Growth

Non-judgmental and 100% CONFIDENTIAL processing/listening of issues related to education, diversity, and racism – and I will share my unique vision (see “My Approach” below) of relational/structural equity practice held outside of the dictates of political correctness.

3. Editing, Reports and Consulting

I will take one hour to edit your work or to prepare a report for you regarding a consultation. I will also include a list of recommended reading.

Donation Based Giving

Make as many $10 purchases as my time was worth to you. For example, if you thought my work was worth $40, you'd buy 4 of the item below, because the unit is $10/1 item.


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