I offer four integrative tracks:

1: self and other and world

Academic and interpersonal coaching for students who desire to grow academically and/or interpersonally in their school environment; lessons are paired with reading and writing activities designed to build empathy and self-compassion and to improve executive function and behavior regulation; health and wellness coaching included so that the appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are also made.

2: spirit living

Christian Spirituality life coaching: Return to your faith and rediscover the meaning that was there all along.

3: receiving, creating, sharing

Creative writing instruction paired with lessons on how to interpret/analyze texts through myriad lenses creatively – I’m often asked what creative reading is… feel free to follow up with me if you’re wondering! šŸ™‚

4: lessons of the pentecost

Foreign language instruction integrated with coaching on the foreign language learning process


Non-judgmental and 100% CONFIDENTIAL processing/listening of issues related to education, diversity, and racism – and I will share my unique vision of anti-racist anti-oppressive practice held outside of the dictates of political correctness.
Free! I am an avid researcher of civil rights and anti-racist literature and will learn as much from you as you will from me!

Pay via tax deductible donations to the scholarship in honor of my amazing mentor and dear friend, Richard B. Steele, for African American ministers of the gospel – visit theĀ GiveĀ page by clicking the menu above.