I offer 3 integrative tracks from my home in Seahurst:

1: self and other and world

Coaching for students, adults and elders who desire to grow academically and/or interpersonally in their school, work, religious or family environment; lessons are paired with reading and writing activities designed to build empathy and self-compassion and to improve executive function; health and wellness coaching included so that the appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are also made. $75/hour

2: justice, mercy, and understanding

Non-judgmental and 100% CONFIDENTIAL processing/listening of issues related to education, diversity, and racism – and I will share my unique vision of relational/structural equity practice held outside of the dictates of political correctness. $100/hour

3: tutoring

I tutor as a supplement to classroom instruction and no longer enjoy developing curricula and plans. Reach out to me for tutoring if you need additional support with English, Reading, Writing, Spanish, French, German and Russian. $65/hour