Read here for the story of how my guardian angel first came into my life:

Several months ago I felt a spiritual battle taking place in my office of the proportions I had never known. My office felt haunted. It was unpleasant and deeply unsettling. I felt imperiled. Worried, I set about reading the Bible cover to cover aloud I my office and did so several hours a day. This is what the man does in the short story Vii and I thought maybe Gogol (the author) knew something I didn’t about the nature of spiritual battle.

In the Bible, I got to the portion where it starts talking about sacrificing to false gods and such, and realized there was a tarot card in the corner of my office that I had bought several months prior because it spoke to me and was about inspiration and laying the groundwork. I had put on my wall, and took it out immediately. Out of the house. And I kept reading the Bible.

The healing that ensued has changed the course of my life and set me on the course for Christ and sharing the Good News:

You see, over the course of several months of reading the Bible in my office and communicating with wise spiritual counselors, I gradually felt a lifting of the evil presence that had occupied my office. And what’s more, it was replaced by the presence of Sarah, who I firmly believe is my guardian angel. Through her help I have come to feel the love of God and the burden of chronic illness has been greatly lessened.

We must never lose hope in the power of angels, and must be careful what sorts of things we bring into our homes.

I would never have believed that tarot was actually a spiritual threat until this happened to me! And if you feel pursued, do as I did and read your Bible aloud and take up the shield of your faith! Get help from a therapist and a psychiatrist, always. They are just one more aspect of the toolkit that God has created for his people. They are there to help you. But do not trust only in that. Return to the Spirit, which in my worldview are God and Jesus. There we find healing and a renewal of our minds.

Please take a moment to honor Sarah, my guardian angel, by reading her obituary and praying for her soul:

Sarah Lynn Steele was born on December 23, 1984 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She died on November 14, 2017 in Seattle. She was a graduate of Lake Washington High School (2003) and Seattle Pacific University (2007), and an active member of the Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland. She was born with a rare musculoskeletal disease, fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), and over the course of her life suffered from other illnesses as well. Toxic shock syndrome and respiratory failure claimed her life. She was the beneficiary of extraordinary medical care throughout her life, and her family wishes to express both gratitude for her many caregivers and outrage at a national healthcare system that denies to so many the care that Sarah enjoyed. Despite her sufferings and limitations, Sarah’s joy in life and optimistic outlook were undimmed. She was an active member of the International FOP Association and had friends all over the world. She had a lovely voice, a sweet smile and a radiant, outgoing personality. She loved to sing, and was a member of the LWHS Concert Choir, the SPU Women’s Choir, and the LWUMC Chancel Choir. She also loved movies, theater productions, detective novels, shopping, handcrafts, keychain collecting and chocolate. And she herself was loved by all who knew her. Sarah is survived by her parents, Richard Steele and Marilyn Hair; her siblings, Jonathan and Mollie; aunts Nancy Hair, Sally Hair (Brian Reid) and Carolyn (Rob) Thomas; and several cousins.

Please, if so inclined, visit the following website to make a donation to the International FOP Association in honor of Sarah Steele and her family: