Inclusive by definition means that cost cannot keep back my care and attention and love for my community. Some people have misunderstood me when I explain that I provide services for free, saying,

“Oh, you’re worth more than that!”

“Yes,” I answer, “but my service is to the community and my reward in heaven. I am here to help, no questions asked, and if you feel you can donate, know that all donations are going to an endowment funding the education of future African American ministers of the gospel.” In other words, this being free does not reflect my self-confidence or lack thereof. It is a gift to have had the education I have received, and my gift to you will be to share it.

Community office hours:

I hold community hours where people can receive FREE editing and ESL services and other language support; there will be tutoring services in addition to Bible study and meditation. Free! For children and adults of all ages and abilities!

Hours: 10-6 Fridays and Saturdays, by appointment 
in White Center above Moonshot Coffee at The Heart Center
| Se habla español – говорю по-русски – je parle français – ich spreche Deutsch |

South Seattle Writers’ Collective:

We are not a literary or artsy writers’ collective. Nor are we exclusively a workers’ collective. Increasing numbers of all kinds of people share our values of community, love, life and service. It is our mission to maintain the quality of interaction and fellowship across differences of all types in a way that honors shared and divergent heritage(s) and the fact that we are all occupants of this same space in the South Seattle region even if we are divided by neighborhoods.

Our purpose: to support humans in a way that facilitates the wellness and contribution all crave and deserve.


Submissions must be marked by TRUTH, KINDNESS, and NECESSITY. And they must facilitate wellness and contribution.






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