Consulting Services

Contract work…

  • I am a writer’s life coach and business catalyst, and am known for honesty, confidentiality, and unwavering compassion and love. ($150/hour)
  • Improve your writing (what the industry calls “copy”) so that your work is in line with your mission and your deepest values, which will in turn attract the clients or readers you will best be able to serve. ($945/day)
  • Business coach with me. I coach to help the words reflect the person/company. I promote integrity in the brand and its people. ($945/day)

A sample of my consulting includes…

A recent project I began as I accompanied several young ministers through seminary and beyond. It provides an example of my lens and my relational approach.

Here is an example of my recent work with Northwest Education Access which is fully inclusive and diversity-celebrating.

Here is an example of my recent work that was created for more traditionalist types who still care about DEI and showing care and love for all people regardless of their personal stance on controversial topics.

Here is an example of the PDFs I create for students in my language classes (Russian – but I also have taught, in professional settings, Spanish, French, and German).