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At Seahurst Wellness and Education Center, I offer a personalized approach to learning. By taking my classes, you get a one-on-one individualized approach to intellectually stimulating and academically rigorous material. I am happy to meet with you to discuss academic focus and scheduling. I work around your busy schedule to meet your unique needs. ($150/hour – These are only available in groupings of 6, see payments for details)*

*Courses of study are distinct from my tutoring because I develop a unique curriculum tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, they are more expensive. For a more cost-effective option, see “tutoring” in the menu.

Reach me directly:
Phone/text: 916-586-9551

Writing via Literary and Historical Analysis

Music and Music Theory Lessons

Race and Equity Curricula and Consultations

Literacy Courses

Christianity and World Religions

World Languages