Equity Training: "It was like being told I was naked and not being offered clothes."

Part 1: The Problem The hardest thing I am finding is the pain of being misunderstood when people have not studied race and gender as much as advocates have. I remember when people would say something I did or said was racist or heterosexist and I positively knew that it wasn’t my intention and IContinue reading “Equity Training: "It was like being told I was naked and not being offered clothes."”

Restorative Justice: Pain is Our Teacher

Our pain teaches us. In the case of mental or physical illness, once a person is stabilized with medication and a therapeutic relationship, a patient can learn to rearrange their mental furniture in a way that greatly alleviates their suffering and their relationship to their suffering. If we are not allowed to feel our pain,Continue reading “Restorative Justice: Pain is Our Teacher”

6 Months No Facebook?!? A Love Story

Six months ago I got off Facebook. Good riddance! “Great job, Erin!” said a friend. “Facebook is horrible for our mental health.” Little did I know HOW greatly my world view would shift. You see, with Facebook I had judged a person’s whole being based on the articles they posted or their stance on aContinue reading “6 Months No Facebook?!? A Love Story”

Storytelling Brings Empathy: Humans are Storytellers and Meaning Makers

It was in watching the beauty of conversation in sign language that I realized that language is first and foremost a vehicle for story. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was setting in Roseville, California, when I walked into a packed and yet silent Starbucks. It was eerie to hear the rustle ofContinue reading “Storytelling Brings Empathy: Humans are Storytellers and Meaning Makers”