First Day Back – Sub Field Notes

I’m starting a substitute field notes series documenting pandemic teaching, and no, I haven’t forgotten about my commitment to writing about the book Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World. But honestly, how could I not write now that I just spent the day getting fingerprinted before being allowed back in the classroom! ItContinue reading “First Day Back – Sub Field Notes”

Alcohol and Education

This is a picture of my cat, Costco. We found him at Costco. I know a lot of teachers who want to lay down and relax like my little buddy Cozzie. But I know that this is also an impossibility. We must focus on our locus of control as educators in the Covid era. IContinue reading “Alcohol and Education”

The Legacy COVID-19? Compassionate Educational Frameworks (Here’s Hoping!)

I have been thinking about one of the last schools where I taught and realizing: what teachers are going through now, is what many students go through on a daily basis. Lack of job security, lack of structure, lack of routine, lack of control. In some cases, lack of rent, and the threat of havingContinue reading “The Legacy COVID-19? Compassionate Educational Frameworks (Here’s Hoping!)”