If you like my lens in the writings below (my blog), consider hiring me to edit your work. I work on pedagogical texts and school/university marketing and branding. I do content and structure editing as well as copy editing (the final product). My work has been called “detailed” and “probing” and also, “refreshingly honest.”

Why is the Opposite of Anti-Racism not Racism but Neutrality?

Answer: We now call neutrality racist. I find it problematic that with anti-racism, the opposite isn’t bigotry but, rather, White obliviousness or neutrality – which is termed racism. Obliviousness or neutrality are part of our White supremacist structure as a society, so neutrality is structurally racist. I actually fully agree. But oblivious or neutral peopleContinue reading “Why is the Opposite of Anti-Racism not Racism but Neutrality?”


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Todd and Erin at a wedding in Monterey, CA
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Hi, I’m Erin. Previously a high school and university instructor, I am focusing now on being a full-time mother and tutor, writer and editor. I spend most of my time preparing to foster children with husband – a rocket scientist! – at home. My blog reflects my love of equity in education and my desire to blend peace studies with ethnic studies – I love sharing my favorite books and ideas with you!

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