If you like my lens in the writings below (my blog), consider hiring me to edit your work. I work on pedagogical texts and school/university marketing and branding. I do content and structure editing as well as copy editing (the final product). My work has been called “detailed” and “probing” and also, “refreshingly honest.”

Considerations on Teaching Languages – The Field is Changing.

I can still remember how it went when I was teaching languages in the beginning – I’ve taught Russian, German, French, Spanish and ESL, as well as interpreting and translation courses in high schools and universities for over 10 years now. There were the perfunctory paragraph-asides that would talk about “how things are” in thisContinue reading “Considerations on Teaching Languages – The Field is Changing.”

The Cost of Honesty and True Discipleship: In Support of Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

There has been nothing more disturbing than witnessing fellow Christians dragging Dr. Walker-Barnes through the mud with online hate and vitriol for being an honest Christian. Normally, when we think about what it means to be an honest Christian, we think of honest Abe. We don’t lie, we don’t do a lot of things thatContinue reading “The Cost of Honesty and True Discipleship: In Support of Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes”


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Todd and Erin at a wedding in Monterey, CA
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Hi, I’m Erin. Previously a high school and university instructor, I am focusing now on being a full-time mother and tutor, writer and editor. I spend most of my time preparing to foster children with husband – a rocket scientist! – at home. My blog reflects my love of equity in education and my desire to blend peace studies with ethnic studies – I love sharing my favorite books and ideas with you!

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