Mentorship of Non-Traditional Students

When working recently with an older college student, I was surprised at the negative messages they received from people in authority positions at their college campus. The student was almost thirty, and was being dissuaded from taking a course as anything but an auditor and was told to consider a different career path from herContinue reading “Mentorship of Non-Traditional Students”

First Impressions of “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain,” by Zaretta Hammond

I am really grateful to have discovered this book several years ago, but I must confess that I did not read it until this weekend, and I am only half way done. I started reading it because a conservative relative of mine was going to be studying it and I thought – why not readContinue reading “First Impressions of “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain,” by Zaretta Hammond”

Restorative Circles: a Safe Space for LGBTQ+?

I was a Gay Straight Alliance adviser as a high school teacher for several years. As adults we may not be homophobic and therefore may not be able to understand how some people are – it has been inconceivable to me hearing over the years the things people go through and even if a restorativeContinue reading “Restorative Circles: a Safe Space for LGBTQ+?”

New Age Teaching or Mere Realism? Merging Growth Mindset with Mechanical Models of Learning

For a while I was into a New Age worldview where things happened spontaneously and one could realize or actualize their goals by merely manifesting them. How do I want to grow my business? Think big and it will happen! How can I earn more money? Don’t earn it, will that money into existence! You’llContinue reading “New Age Teaching or Mere Realism? Merging Growth Mindset with Mechanical Models of Learning”

The “Difficult” Student: Unconditional Positive Regard

When a student is causing trouble it is very important to focus on the good that they do and to keep a log of it and to actively praise them if you are holding them accountable and the situation has gotten so bad that you must record the bad (i.e. if they are routinely posingContinue reading “The “Difficult” Student: Unconditional Positive Regard”

Restorative Justice: Pain is Our Teacher

Our pain teaches us. In the case of mental or physical illness, once a person is stabilized with medication and a therapeutic relationship, a patient can learn to rearrange their mental furniture in a way that greatly alleviates their suffering and their relationship to their suffering. If we are not allowed to feel our pain,Continue reading “Restorative Justice: Pain is Our Teacher”

Academia and Me – A Love-Hate Relationship

The picture above was taken during my brief stint in academia. What is academia? Academia is the world of professors and research and writing books and articles. Others may disagree, but no one can discount my first-hand knowledge and experience of academia in the humanities. So what follows is my opinion, and you can takeContinue reading “Academia and Me – A Love-Hate Relationship”

6 Months No Facebook?!? A Love Story

Six months ago I got off Facebook. Good riddance! “Great job, Erin!” said a friend. “Facebook is horrible for our mental health.” Little did I know HOW greatly my world view would shift. You see, with Facebook I had judged a person’s whole being based on the articles they posted or their stance on aContinue reading “6 Months No Facebook?!? A Love Story”

Storytelling Brings Empathy: Humans are Storytellers and Meaning Makers

It was in watching the beauty of conversation in sign language that I realized that language is first and foremost a vehicle for story. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was setting in Roseville, California, when I walked into a packed and yet silent Starbucks. It was eerie to hear the rustle ofContinue reading “Storytelling Brings Empathy: Humans are Storytellers and Meaning Makers”

Leadership from Below: Sharing Stories from “Below” Strengthens All

There are different types of leadership in every community and leading as an everyday community member is an increasing imperative for our society. This post is dedicated to my Grandma Cornelia, who was an amazing storyteller, educator, and community member. We need leaders who can model authenticity, vulnerability and stamina; we need people like myContinue reading “Leadership from Below: Sharing Stories from “Below” Strengthens All”