Being a Culturally Responsive Educator, Part 2

Well I met with the vice principal to debrief an interaction that occurred several weeks ago when there were high school boys in the classroom who were not supposed to be there and didn’t want to leave, and on whom I did not want to call security due to the BLM movement and the criminalizationContinue reading “Being a Culturally Responsive Educator, Part 2”

Returning to School as a Culturally Responsive Teacher, Part 1

I was recently substitute teaching at a large and diverse high school when three young men walked in to the room. Only one of them was on the roster, but they were all being respectful, if not a little playful and off task. I didn’t know what to do, however, because if that had happenedContinue reading “Returning to School as a Culturally Responsive Teacher, Part 1”

Beyond Guilt Trips, by Anu Taranath

Anu Taranath’s book Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World is a great book about diversity, equity and inclusion, and multicultural education that does not employ a critical race theory lens. This is as significant as it is rare. It is decidedly not militant, while also being very honest and forthright about theContinue reading “Beyond Guilt Trips, by Anu Taranath”

First Day Back – Sub Field Notes

I’m starting a substitute field notes series documenting pandemic teaching, and no, I haven’t forgotten about my commitment to writing about the book Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World. But honestly, how could I not write now that I just spent the day getting fingerprinted before being allowed back in the classroom! ItContinue reading “First Day Back – Sub Field Notes”

Back to Education

I’m going to be writing about education again from an antiracist lens. Some readers were surprised last week to see my foray back into the world of writing about education. Since Covid happened, I stopped substitute teaching and stepped away from writing about education because I really felt that the last thing any of myContinue reading “Back to Education”

Considerations on Teaching Languages – The Field is Changing.

I can still remember how it went when I was teaching languages in the beginning – I’ve taught Russian, German, French, Spanish and ESL, as well as interpreting and translation courses in high schools and universities for over 10 years now. There were the perfunctory paragraph-asides that would talk about “how things are” in thisContinue reading “Considerations on Teaching Languages – The Field is Changing.”

The Cost of Honesty and True Discipleship: In Support of Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

There has been nothing more disturbing than witnessing fellow Christians dragging Dr. Walker-Barnes through the mud with online hate and vitriol for being an honest Christian. Normally, when we think about what it means to be an honest Christian, we think of honest Abe. We don’t lie, we don’t do a lot of things thatContinue reading “The Cost of Honesty and True Discipleship: In Support of Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes”

Is Education Contributing to Mental Health Challenges?

A thought just came to me, and it’s one that I have been batting away for the last few years. Is our educational system so outmoded that it actually causes harm to the students who attend? I speak with regard to middle school and high school. I think elementary school is necessary. And that itContinue reading “Is Education Contributing to Mental Health Challenges?”

Anti-Racism: Does it Really Need to Happen in Relationship?

A lot of people are wondering about whether we can be antiracist and still only interact with just white people. This is a worthwhile question. I think the answer is yes, insofar as you can work against racism within your sphere of influence and that, if you live in a rural white community, you canContinue reading “Anti-Racism: Does it Really Need to Happen in Relationship?”

Systems of Oppression (Liberals) Meet Moral Responsibility (Conservatives)

Ok, so I went down the conservative rabbit hole with the news media. And then I went back to the liberal press to recover. What follows is an honest attempt to make sense of the divergence. Bear with me! A great article in the Atlantic (January 2021 after the coup) ended with this story andContinue reading “Systems of Oppression (Liberals) Meet Moral Responsibility (Conservatives)”