About me

Addie, Todd, and Erin in Seattle, WA

Childhood and Early Adulthood

I grew up focusing on piano performance, swimming, and reading in Sacramento, CA. I had a wonderful childhood and also an extremely challenging one. This, I find, is common.

When I was born, I had 30 seizures a day up until the age of 4. People assumed that I would have learning disabilities or that, perhaps, I would never be able to walk. But I am an overcomer.

This is not to diminish the worth of those with physical or learning challenges, however. I understand challenges. We all have them. My study of literature – I have two MA’s in literature – enhanced my ability to empathize. I have an extensive background in trauma theory and psychology, which I studied as a literature scholar and Fulbright scholar.

My Life Today

Professionally, I have been a language learning specialist, a department chair, and a classroom teacher for the past 15 years, in addition to teaching college. I have also had my tutoring business throughout my career.

I live with my husband, Todd, and our cat, Costco (he crawled into the engine bay of our car at a Costco parking lot to escape the cold, rainy weather – we found him there and kept him – he was 2 months old).

We recently suffered a major blow in our lives, with the loss of our dog Addie at 13. They just don’t live long enough! Since we don’t have children, our animals are particularly dear to us.

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