About me

Addie, Todd, and Erin in Seattle, WA

Childhood and Early Adulthood

I grew up focusing on piano performance, swimming, and reading in Sacramento, CA. I had a wonderful childhood and also an extremely challenging one. This, I find, is common.

When I was born, I had 30 seizures a day up until the age of 4. People assumed that I would have learning disabilities or that, perhaps, I would never be able to walk. But I am an overcomer, and take medicine and supplements and am doing well.

This is not to diminish the worth of those with physical or learning challenges, however. I understand challenges. We all have them. My study of literature – I have two MA’s in literature – enhanced my ability to empathize. I have an extensive background in trauma theory and psychology, which I studied as a literature scholar and Fulbright scholar.

My Life Today

Professionally, I am a writer, editor, and educator. I have published a book and have two book deals in process, and I have had my tutoring business throughout my career (which featured 10+ years as a classroom teacher and district learning specialist).

I live with my husband, Todd, and our cat, Costco (he crawled into the engine bay of our car at a Costco parking lot to escape the cold, rainy weather – we found him there and kept him – he was 2 months old).

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