Developing a tutoring business…

a tutor teaching a student

I am developing a tutoring business that I started pre-pandemic. It had taken off and, when I read about shortages of substitute teachers, I stepped back from it in order to substitute teach. Substitute teaching helped the schools to stay open. This allowed students to receive free breakfast and lunches.

The business was a simple tutoring business. Nothing fancy. I designed it to help students meet their school and emotional needs. The clients I most enjoyed working with were those who struggle with academics due to emotional challenges. Improving our emotional health helps us academically; improving our academic standing helps us emotionally.

It was satisfying helping young people to reach their goals. So many parents are stressed by the gaps in student learning emerging in our post-pandemic and mental-health-crisis-filled world. We need to teach students to trust themselves again. We need to help parents to trust their children.

Ultimately, I would like to hire and train tutors and then help them expand their expertise into the classroom. Ideally, this would help grow the pool of future teachers for my local school district. I will focus the business on justice, hiring brilliant people from a wide array of environments.

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