Going Forward Together

There is something amiss in schools these days, but it’s no one’s fault really. I think what it comes down to is that we are moving past institutions and that we are leaving people who are still in institutions behind.

Students are being trained for jobs that probably won’t exist by the time that they are on the job market. What job markets will look like and how they will be experienced by job-seekers is also in constant flux.

To go forward together constructively at this time, requires that we take stock of what we need to succeed, and that is intergenerational communication, multi-ethnic community-based interactions, and a focus on the environment.

To say all of that, though, implies that teachers aren’t doing enough, when nothing could be further from the truth. If you are a teacher and keep reading about what could be done differently, take heart and don’t give up, and take a break from people telling you what you need to do. Do this in order to make your own way in the classroom. One of the best things about the teaching profession is autonomy, and now, in our age of hyper-control, teachers are being denied that privilege. I can’t help but wonder if our teacher shortage is related.

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