I still care about public education

I started my business Seahurst Wellness and Education Canter, LLC prior to the pandemic, but then went into the classroom again when they started cancelling school because they didn’t have enough substitute teachers.

What I saw in the public school system while there dismayed me. I didn’t want to flee, even though I did resign. I wanted to help.

A lot of students, I realized, want to do well but don’t want to learn the way they teach in schools anymore. I know that that’s not a typical thing teachers say. We are taught never to say such things about students. But really, learning happens in relationship and a lot of teachers are relationally fatigued right now.

A lot of students are so absorbed by their devices that they don’t look up during lessons and they ignore teachers who do try to relate to them.

Parents are so worried about school shootings that they don’t want to risk sending their students to school without the devices that distract them from their learning.

A lot of students in public schools want to survive. Same with the teachers.

I still care about public school education because I care about democracy and freedom, but I don’t like how schools have gotten politicized. I care about LGBTQIA+ students and their families being seen and heard. I care about social justice, but I don’t like how we are assuming that all students need the same things.

I want to differentiate instruction as a teacher, and I can’t do that enough in the public school classroom. They tell us to, but we all know it’s unmanageable.

By working from the outside we can still help.

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