Why It’s Terrible but Not Awful that Trump was Acquitted

It’s hard to find one’s way in the political landscape nowadays. We are finally free of certain twitter feeds that have dominated the news and the political scene and it seems like a good time to refocus. It is time to reassess where we are. Of course, the previous president was acquitted at his impeachment trial today. Many of my friends are shocked and outraged. I’m neither.

I had some hope for the Lincoln Project of the Republican party, but they are in the midst of a new crisis, or one that is at least finally coming to the fore. Namely, one of their founders has been sexually harassing male colleagues – allegedly. As a result, everything there is disintegrating. The board is in flux and panic is ubiquitous. Multiple resignations. Everyone’s scrambling. And so they couldn’t stand up and mobilize to save the party’s reputation today by convicting Trump. And so one more feather in the cap of the Democrats.

Clearly it is lacking in integrity to pretend like the riot at the Capitol did not happen on January 6, 2021. The trial kept us from ignoring it happened, but it didn’t keep us from repressing the communication fiasco that was the Trump PR campaign.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could all move on? The riot wasn’t an aberration, of course. It was the climax of the last presidency. Predictable and terrifying.

But that thought alone makes me glad that Trump was acquitted. Think of all the extra points he would have scored as a martyr if he had been impeached. It would have taken on a life of its own. Why would one day’s speech seem like incitement if it was just one of many speeches over the years? The Republicans were too used to it to see it as a unique day of a particular coup attempt. That’s just Trump and twitter.

There should be a book called Trump and twitter to go alongside Fox and friends.

So, to return to that with which I started: it is hard to find one’s way in the political landscape nowadays. We’re free of right-wing nationalist normalization with the banning of the 45th’s twitter feed, but the woke social justice warriors are alive and well managing the publications coming out of the New York Times. And of course the NYT also shared in an article several months ago that Murdoch owns WSJ, so I’m not surprised to see the WSJ sticking their heads in the sand either. You read enough different news feeds and you can see how predictable they are.

It’s terrible that Trump was acquitted. But it’s not awful because it’s time to move forward, to trudge ahead. The Times keeps publishing headlines about Trump – and I make a point to click on none of them. I’m just one person, and I can’t shift their publication strategy, but it’s a start. I’m not rewarding their Trump headlines with a click. Let’s move forward. America needs to heal.

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