New Year, New President

I stopped writing for my blog in September because I had said all that needed to be said: Black Lives Matter is not the opposite of white supremacy, and we had a white supremacist president. Now we do not.

Covid was here, and it is still here. Perhaps it is here to stay.

I’m going to keep blogging about race, ethnic studies, while interweaving this with the voices of conservative people of color. Of note, I have discovered the website which brings in political realism rather than the utopian visions of the left.

I don’t consider myself conservative, nor do I consider myself liberal. But I believe strongly in racial justice. And I don’t think it should be a partisan issue. I found the white supremacist prayer in the capitol building during the siege on January 6, 2021 to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. The white supremacists and conspiracy theorists prayed for the white light to guide them, white being the operative word.

Therefore, I am uncapitalizing white and only capitalizing Black and Brown when I write, because this seems highly appropriate given our time period.

At the same time, I think that socialism will destroy our country. The opposite of white supremacy is not Black Lives Matter, the former argues for supremacy while Black Lives Matter argues for equality. While I support this New Yorker article about the atrocities of the capitol, I generally find their stance on politics naïve and idealistic and that, if they had their way, they would destroy the country.

I sat in on a Diversity Equity and Inclusion meeting last week about grants. It was for a grantwriters’ institute. On the committee someone said that grants were part of a white supremacist system inherent in the work of non-profits. While this is true, what are we supposed to do about this, I asked? Should we just dissolve the grants organization?

I was told that I was doing social justice wrong if I was thinking about next steps….

Thing is, I have a BA in Slavic Languages and Literatures (summa cum laude UC Berkeley 2007, represent). That means I know about the damages incurred in the Soviet era after the utopia proved fatal.

Knowing next steps is essential.

Anarchy is possible, and it is evil, dehumanizing and seems to be what our society is hurtling toward.

The alternative though, which we had under our last president, was evil, and dehumanizing to all, especially Black, Brown and Indigenous peoples, – and it was also dehumanizing to white people. White supremacy is dehumanizing to white people. It robs people of diverse backgrounds of dignity, and the people who practice it are undignified.

I denounce Ayn Rand and objectivism as much as I denounce anarchy and socialism. My blog will be trying to find a middle way. Not Ibram Kendi, and also not Sowell. The most persuasive framework I have found has been realism. I’ll be exploring the stakes of that, and of other things, in this blog. My goal is not to keep followers, but to keep this blog as an active journal of my thoughts as the year unfolds. Maybe it will be useful to you, and if not, feel free to unfollow.

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