In Defense of Mothers

The mother cult in Western culture. The thing is that this “cult” is damaging to so many women and it places a great burden on all of society. Not only are mothers put down as responsible for everything that their children do or say, and thereby a huge burden is being placed on mothers and the concept of “attachment,”- but we are also causing ourselves loads of trauma in the process as we judge our mothers and reframe our past without redemption. Therapists encourage us to unpack our childhoods, and often to the detriment of our mothers.

It is ridiculous that children growing up in war-torn parts of the world, or starving, have been discussed as lacking because of their mothers! James Hillman in The Soul’s Code writes about the absurdity of this as well when he explains the thought process of people bemoaning the absence of their mothers: “Had these children been ‘well-bonded,’ with ‘good-enough mothers,’ secure in their ‘attachments,’ the devastation, genocide, and despair would have been incidental to their deplorable condition!”

Published by Seahurst Wellness and Education Center

I’m a skill-building, proficiency-obsessed tutor and consultant who puts relationships first. I am also a certificated teacher with over a decade of classroom experience. Everything I do is geared to facilitate students’ familial and scholarly wellness and their sense of meaningful contribution to society..

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