6 Months No Facebook?!? A Love Story

Six months ago I got off Facebook. Good riddance!

“Great job, Erin!” said a friend. “Facebook is horrible for our mental health.”

Little did I know HOW greatly my world view would shift.

You see, with Facebook I had judged a person’s whole being based on the articles they posted or their stance on a certain political or social problem. And then I judged whether they were worthy of my attention in the future based on if I agreed with what I saw.

Facebook locks us into patterns of interacting with ourselves, our thoughts, and the people and ideas in our culture(s). It does this in a way that makes change, transformation, inspiration, and social compromise, highly unlikely…. and this is terrible for children who are constantly transforming and learning how to imagine themselves and their futures. It holds them back.

It’s back to pen and paper and letter writing for me!

Published by Seahurst Wellness and Education Center

My interests: Consciousness-raising, and health and wellness in the educational process. I design your recovery from industrial educational experiences, merging alternative approaches to health, spirituality and education with the standard fare.

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